July 22, 2019
3 months and 29 days left
until our celebration.

Hintz Family Reunion
Reno, Nevada

July 22nd-26th

Early Bird resigstration fees due by:
March 31, 2019
Late Registration April 1st - June 30th 
Please make sure to include your T-Shirt sizes!
Please note that the Aces game night ticket on Tuesday, July 23rd is in addition to the registration fees.
Please see the registration page for more information!

Registrations Recevied

Name Registration T-Shirt Aces Game
R. Perrin X X  
S. Perrin X X  
J. Hintz X X X
C. Hintz X X X
I. Boe X X  
T. Boe X X  
L. Tabor X X  
K. Hintz X X X
L. Hintz X X X
S. Hanks X X X
B. Leu X X  
H. Leu X X  
K Heilaman X   X
S. Heilaman X   X
K. Hintz X X  
L. Hintz X X  
N. Freudenburg X X X
EL. Freudenburg X X X
S. Lyon X X X
D. Lyon X X X
J. Hintz X X X
J. Hintz X X X
D. Hintz X X X
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